Picture of Gemma Ann WhiteGemma Ann White is a poet and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.

She was first bitten by the music vampire when she was 16, watching Rage on a Saturday morning. PJ Harvey’s ‘This Is Love’ came onto the screen and she realised who she wanted to be when she grew up. Someone who made noise – raw, honest, sexy, poetic noise.

She later immortalised this moment in her first collection of poetry, ‘Furniture is Disappearing‘ (IP 2014):


This is Love

for P. J. Harvey

Those swish-swish hips
Buttocks swelling in suit pants
Brief exposure of elliptical breast
Guitar thrust! And thrust again!
Flick back of black, black hair
Angle-faced with red lipstick
Lopsided grin from ear-to-ear mouth
I want escape and release!
Take me white-suited goddess,
Take me over with your song!
I am sacrifice to your guitar slinging,
I want to lick its strings
You’re a sacrilegious hymn, a hint of fuck-you
Cracking through my monochrome world
A whiff of something rare
Buzzing electricity through every hair
A whole 3.48 minutes of ecstasy.

After years of discovering and experimenting with other art forms such as visual art and poetry, Gemma has recently become more focused on music, playing her particular brand of sexy poetic noise to open mic audiences around Melbourne.

She enjoys collaborating with other artists and musicians. Gemma co-wrote a song with Viki Mealings¬†(Brittle Sun) and one of her poems ‘The Mariner’s Lover’ directly inspired a song by Helen Croome (Gossling) in Croome’s earlier songwriting days.