Self-care and music performance

14520516_10209110390108860_7009268812470672570_nRecently, somewhat out of the blue, I started going to open mics and singing the songs that I have been writing for the past few years. I’ve been having a great time doing this. But after, say, 6 weeks of late nights combined with the early mornings associated with studying, I got sick. Now I have a cough that I just can’t shake. I have experienced first hand how very little sleep has a terrible effect on my singing performance. After so much coughing my voice currently has a gravelly texture that it never had before. So I must rest it for a while.

So what have I learnt? To get more sleep, and find a balance between performing and the rest of my life. I am someone who needs a lot of alone time anyway to recharge. Some people get energy from being around others. I don’t. After a while, I crave solitude. Time reading books for fun, or listening to self-help audios. Time just to be home, to have the luxury of a sleep in or to let creative ideas percolate. Time to go to the beach or the gym.

I think when you want to achieve things in creative fields, there is the temptation to sacrifice all other parts of your life. But I’m not sure this is healthy anymore. I am still ambitious, but other things are important too: friends & family, health, finances. Everything else also needs to be taken care of. I’m not just having a whinge here. I am recording my thoughts and realisations. In order to try to make some kind of progress in my creative journey. So I can see what works for me and what doesn’t, and maybe by reading this you might find something of use too. I hope so.

Oh, and as this is my first post, welcome to my site!14572173_1069669486484443_6869621174375092654_n

Love & luck in art and life,


P.S. I had my first music lesson with a new guitar teacher today. It was awesome! Now let the practising begin!

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